{slider Is CCHS accredited? +|closed}

Calvary Chapel High School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools and Teachers (ACTS), a non-governmental, nationally recognized organization whose affiliated institutions include elementary schools and high schools. We are also accredited through Advanced Education.

{slider What Curriculum will be used? +}

Science: Pearson

History: BJU Press

Math: Saxon

English: EIW (Excellence in Writing) and novel based curriculum.

{slider What extra-curricular activities will be offered? +}

CCHS is a part of the local SAAA sports league and we will be offering various sports throughout the year, including volleyball, flag football, soccer, and basketball.

CCHS students have the opportunity to participate in a number of extra-curricular activities such as, but not limited to, worship, multi-media ministries, photography, and mission trips.

{slider What is the yearly cost? +}

Tuition is $6600 yearly, with scholarship opportunities through:

    • Arizona Christian Scholarship Tuition Organization


    • School Choice Arizona


    • Arizona School Choice Trust


{slider Will Calvary High School prepare my child for college? +}

All of our courses are ABOR (Arizona Board of Regents) approved, which approves course work for U of A, NAU, and ASU. Also we are ACTS certified and accredited through Advanced Education.

{slider What version of the Bible do you use? +}

Calvary Chapel Christian School uses the New King James Version (NJKV). With that said, many students benefit from using other translations that better match their reading level and personal convictions. Many of our students use the ESV, NASB, KJV, NIV, and NLT.

{slider Is there a dress code? +}

Yes, for full dress code please refer to the parent/student handbook. Student dress is business casual.

{slider Does CCHS have enrichment classes? +}

High school elective classes are Spanish, Art, Worship, Media Ministry, Boys Discipleship (Grades 9-12), Creation Science (Grades 11-12), Girls Discipleship (Grades 9-12), Life Skills (Grades 11-12), and Health Science.