{slider Does CCCS have a before and after school program? + |closed }Yes, we do have a before school program (7:00 am – beginning of school) and an after school program (3:00 pm – 5:30 pm) which is provided Monday thru Friday, with the exception of the last day of school. This program is offered for both elementary and middle school students. {slider Does CCCS have a hot lunch option? + }Yes, we do serve hot lunch daily for both elementary and middle school, with an exception to early release days, special events, and the last day of school. You may see this month's lunch menu in the Parent Resource/Lunch Menu Tab. {slider Does CCCS have enrichment classes? + }Yes, the specials classes for the elementary classes are music, computers, art, Spanish, and P.E. Middle school exploration classes are P.E, band, computers, choir, and art. High school elective classes are Spanish, Art, Worship, Media Ministry, Boys Discipleship (Grades 9-12), Creation Science (Grades 11-12), Girls Discipleship (Grades 9-12), Life Skills (Grades 11-12), and Health Science. {slider What are the classroom sizes for CCCS schools?  + }Each classroom will max out at 18 students for elementary, 20 for middle school, and 24 for high school. {slider Does CCCS have teacher aids? + }Yes, CCCS does have teacher aids; however, they are parent volunteers. Volunteering for helping in the classroom is not a requirement; however, if you feel the Lord is calling you to serve in this area please contact us and we will guide you through the process. Click on the Donate/Volunteer Tab for more information. {slider Does CCCS have a dress code? + }Yes, CCCS has a dress code for all grades. Please click on the Parent Resources/Dress Code Tab for more information. {slider Does CCCS offer sports? + }Calvary Chapel Elementary School does not offer any after school sports programs. In the past, however, the school has had a soccer club team which has been offered for grades 2 – 5. If you are interested in starting a sports or club team for the school or your child's class, please contact us in person, by email, or phone.
Calvary Chapel Middle School does offer sports. The sports offered are flag football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball.
Calvary Chapel High School does offer volleyball and basketball. {slider What instruments are offered for middle school band? + }The instruments offered are the Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Bells set, and the Snare Drum. {slider Does CCCS provide a school calendar? + }Yes, we do have school calendars for all grade levels. Please click on the Parent Resources/Calendar tab. {/sliders}