Purpose and General Guidelines

As Christians, it is our desire for students to please the Lord and be a good witness to others both in appearance and behavior. We believe there is a definite relationship between good dress habits, good work habits and proper school behavior. We require students to dress modestly and attractively without drawing undue attention to them. Proper student dress in association with continual effort for good attitude and behavior are important elements of our wholesome Christian learning environment.

The dress standard for boys and girls applies to all student activities (i.e. sporting events, school plays, graduation, etc.) both on and off campus. Administration reserves the right to determine that which attracts undue or excessive attention to the wearer and that, which is questionable and inappropriate and is considered unacceptable.

Girls – in I Timothy 2:9-10 it says, "Women are to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly…and by means of good works as it is proper for women making a claim to godliness."

Boys – in 2 Corinthians 1:12 it says, "For our proud confidence is this; the testimony of our conscience, that in holiness and godly sincerity, not in fleshly wisdom but in the grace of God, we have conducted ourselves in the world, and especially toward the brethren."

Special Note to Parents

Parents are encouraged to guide their student(s) to have acceptable dress at school. Parents of students in violation of the dress standard will be notified and a school uniform may be issued to the student for that day. There is a uniform cleaning fee that will be charged to the monthly statement for each violation. Parents are reminded to check their student(s) attire as they go out the door each morning. Uniform clothing that seems appropriate may not be modest or appropriate when carrying books, wearing a backpack or when the student is bending over. (For example: carrying a load of books may pull a top down in the front. Wearing a backpack may lift the shirt up in the back, etc.) All clothing must be in good condition, clean and pressed. All clothing must be of appropriate size and should not be too tight or too baggy.

Clothing, jewelry or accessories related to a group/gang will not be permitted on campus or at any school activity.


CCCS school uniform should be worn during school hours, during After School Enrichment or anytime on campus (except free dress days as approved by the Administration).

  • Tops/Shirts – Navy Blue, Light blue or White collared shirts are standard dress code for boys and girls (short or long sleeve). Sleeveless blouses and tank tops are not dress code. Form fitting tops, tops that the undergarments can be seen through; short tops that expose any part of the stomach are not permissible. Blouses and tops must not be low enough to expose cleavage or undergarments. Girls must wear white undershirts under white blouses and shirts.
  • Pants and capris – Navy Blue or Khaki (sweat pants, nylon/parachute type materials are not acceptable). Nice jeans that are not torn or frayed are acceptable. Pants must not be too tight or too baggy. Skinny jeans or leggings may not be worn. Pants, shorts, or capris must be of appropriate size.
  • Dresses, skirts, skorts, and jumpers – Navy Blue or Khaki (these items must be no shorter than 5" from the ground while kneeling). Front slits are not acceptable. Skirts with attached shorts underneath will be measured as a skirt, not shorts. Absolutely no thin or clingy materials will be allowed.
  • Shorts – Navy blue or Khaki, no shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts – Sweaters and sweatshirts must be navy blue, white (must be plain). CCCS WARRIOR sweatshirts or Calvary Identity sweatshirts may be worn. Winter coats do not have to be uniform colors.
  • Shoes – any closed toe shoe, and sandals that have a back strap. No flip flops are allowed.
  • Undershirts and undergarments – All undershirts or long sleeved shirts and turtle necks worn under shirts and blouses must be white, navy blue or baby blue so that undue attention is not drawn to the student. (Girls must wear white undershirts or undergarments under white blouses)
  • Hair and Hairstyles – Hair should be clean, neat and combed or styled to an attractive manner (not in the eyes, etc.). Hair must be a natural hair color. All streaks and weaving must be a natural color as well. Avoid all extreme or questionable hairstyles. Hair should not attract undue attention.


  • Belts –Navy blue, white, black or khaki (solid only) All belts must be worn inside the belt loops. Pointed studs are not acceptable. Belts must not attract undue attention.
  • Socks –Navy blue, white, black or khaki.
  • Tights –Navy blue, or white.
  • Makeup –Only clear/natural lip gloss, eye shadow and mascara can be worn and it must be natural looking.
  • Jewelry –Must be worn in moderation and not attract undue attention to the wearer. Parents- please consider whether your child can wear jewelry without it being a distraction to them or others in the classroom.
  • Earrings –Girls may wear earrings that do not draw undue attention. Plug earrings are not acceptable. Boys may not wear earrings.

P.E./Athletic Shoes – On PE day's students must wear PE dress consisting of the Calvary Warrior shirt and solid black shorts. Gray sweat pants may be worn in the winter time. Students are encouraged to wear appropriate shoes physical education.

Field Trip Dress - On days when students have a field trip they must wear their purple Calvary shirt with nice jeans (which may be jean shorts, skirts, or Capri's). Jeans should not be torn or frayed.

Special Dress Days – Occasionally students will earn free dress days. We expect our students to dress according to these specific guidelines.

  • Shirts:Shirts can be any color; may only have Christian writing, except for team jersey's; may have graphics as long as they honor Christ; need to be modest
  • Pants, shorts and blue jeansare great as long as they are modest and not tight; graphics may be worn as long as they honor Christ

All clothing must be worn with modesty and appropriateness in mind. Administration reserves the right in all cases to determine what is appropriate and what may attract undue attention to the student.
During or after school hours, all students are expected to dress modestly while on campus or attending school functions.

During School Hours:

  • All pants must be to the knee.
  • No underwear showing on male or female students.
  • No blankets will be allowed.
  • Sunglasses may only be worn outside.
  • Only CCHS approved sweatshirts or outerwear may be worn during school hours.
  • Hats, beanies, bandanas or sweatshirt hoods may not be worn in the classroom or Chapel at any time. Hats may be worn outside before or after school and at lunch. All students must remove all hats, beanies, bandanas and sweatshirt hoods when entering any room (including Chapel).
  • No sweats, pajama bottoms or jogging warm-ups will be worn.
  • All students must wear shoes or sandals. No bedroom slippers or bare feet will be allowed.
  • No visible body piercing (other than earrings on the ears of girls).
  • No visible tattoos.
  • All students will stay in uniform during any field trips.
  • All students must wear a uniform shirt under all outerwear.
  • No painted or unnaturally colored hair


  • No skirts, skorts, jeggings or jumpers.


  • Not required to tuck their shirts in.
  • No earrings or plugs on boys.
  • No Mohawks, Mohawk pony-tails and/or painted hair.

Attending School Functions:

  • No t-shirts, jackets, etc., that advertise secular rock groups, alcohol, drugs, sex or offensive material.
  • No skin-tight clothing.
  • No underwear showing on male or female students.
  • No visible body or nose piercing (other than earrings on the ears of girls)
  • No visible tattoos.
  • Dress code standards are enforced during all school-sponsored activities.

Dress Code Guidelines

TOPS (male/female): Tops should be solid in color. Although black tops may be worn, students may not wear all black. Tops must not be distracting so as to interfere with the teaching or learning process such as extremely revealing garments including but not limited to tube tops, net tops, swimsuits, strapless tops, spaghetti strap tops, garments with plunging necklines, muscle shirts, basketball shirts without an accompanying T-shirt, transparent and see through garments. The midsection must be covered and undergarments shall be completely covered with outer clothing.

BOTTOMS: All students may wear solid color pants or shorts (not including basketball shorts) Shorts must be to the knee. No skirts, skorts, jeggings or jumpers. Dresses may be worn, but must extend beyond the knee. Students may not wear all black clothing.

JACKETS or SWEATSHIRTS: No jackets that advertise secular rock groups, alcohol, drugs, sex or offensive material may be worn. The only approved sweatshirts for school will have the name Calvary Chapel on either the front or the back. These items will be available through the school office.

Dress Code Violation Disciplinary Actions

1st Offense: The student will be warned and must fix the violation immediately. If the violation is not readily fixed, the student will be given a Dress Code Violation and may be sent home.

2nd Offense: The student will be given a Dress Code Violation and may be sent home after a parent/guardian has been contacted

3rd Offense: The student will be given an 8th Period Detention and may be sent home

4th Offense: The student will be given Saturday School and may be sent home after a parent has been contacted. The student will not be allowed to make up work.

5th Offense: The student may be given a one (1) day suspension with a parent conference and will not be allowed to make up work.

6th Offense: The student may be given a three (3) day suspension with a parent conference and will not be allowed to make up work.

7th Offense: The student may be given an indefinite suspension pending a possible expulsion after a parent conference.

* If dress code violations become successive, a parent conference will take place.