Representing the school in a positive manner is an expectation in all areas of student life, including modesty in dress and grooming. Uniforms are a distinct indication of a student’s connection to the school. Handbook regulations concerning the uniform are applicable at all times, whether on or off campus. It is both the parents’ and the school’s responsibility to instill this mindset in the student body. It is expected that the uniforms will be neat, clean, and in satisfactory condition. In addition to handbook guidelines, any other attire or grooming patterns determined to cause distractions are not acceptable. The administration is the final authority on interpretations of the dress code.

During or after school hours, all students are expected to dress modestly while on campus or attending school functions.


During School Hours: 

  • All pants must be to the knee.
  • No underwear showing on male or female students.
  • No blankets will be allowed.
  • Sunglasses may only be worn outside.
  • Only CCHS approved sweatshirts or outerwear may be worn during school hours.
  • Hats, beanies, bandanas or sweatshirt hoods may not be worn in the classroom or Chapel at any time. Hats may be worn outside before or after school and at lunch. All students must remove all hats, beanies, bandanas and sweatshirt hoods when entering any room (including Chapel).
  • No sweats, pajama bottoms or jogging warm-ups will be worn.
  • All students must wear shoes or flip-flops. No bedroom slippers or bare feet will be allowed.
  • No visible body piercing (other than earrings on the ears of girls).
  • No visible tattoos.
  • All students will stay in uniform during any field trips.
  • All students must wear a uniform shirt under all outerwear.
  • No painted or unnaturally colored hair


  • No Skorts or Jumpers allowed
  • Skirts are allowed (knee or longer) with leggings or tights underneath leggings are allowed only under  skirts/dresses  that  are  longer than your fingertip


  • Not required to tuck their shirts in; however, if they tuck their shirt in, a belt must be worn.
  • No earrings or plugs
  • No Mohawks, Mohawk pony-tails and/or painted hair.

Attending School Functions:

  • No t-shirts, jackets, etc., that advertise secular rock groups, alcohol, drugs, sex or offensive material.
  • No skin-tight clothing.
  • No underwear showing on male or female students.
  • No visible body or nose piercing (other than earrings on the ears of girls)
  • No visible tattoos.
  • Dress code standards are enforced during all school-sponsored activities.

Dress Code Guidelines

TOPS: All students must wear a plain/striped/plaid two or three button- collared polo or Oxford shirt with no logos. An exception to this rule is a Tunic/blouse top for girls, which are not required to have a collar but cannot be cotton - dress material. If you have questions please talk to office.

BOTTOMS: All students may wear pants/skirts that reach at least to the knee. If wearing pants to the knee, they must reach to the knee.

JACKETS/SWEATSHIRTS: All students may wear plain Black, Blue, Gray, White, or Purple outerwear with no logos. Otherwise only the approved sweatshirts or jackets may be worn at school, these jackets or sweatshirts will have the name Calvary Chapel on either the front or the back.  These items will be available through ASB or athletics. All other outerwear may not have logos and must be one of the school colors, blue, purple, black or white.