I you feel led by the Lord to give to the ministry of Calvary Chapel Christian Schools, there are many ways in which you can contribute…

*you can pray for us – Prayer is one of the greatest gift you can give. Pray for the school, staff, faculty, students and parents. Go to Testimonies/Prayer, followed by Prayer Needs on our school website to see other prayer requests you can come alongside and pray for.

*you can contribute to ACSTO - ACSTO exists to equip students with the opportunity to attend a private Christian school. As a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization, and a school tuition organization (STO) certified by the state, ACSTO has the privilege of transforming tax credit contributions into valuable tuition scholarships to help families afford a private education for their children.

Whether you are a parent looking for ways to afford Christian education for your child, or an Arizona taxpayer looking for new ways to support Christian education, this program is for you!

*you can give directly to the school – Click here or call the school office at 731-2100 or come to the school for more information

*you can donate supplies for your child's classroom – Many times your child's teacher will need help in equipping the classroom with cleaning supplies, extra tissue boxes, balls for the playground, pencils and pens, paper, and prizes. Contact your child's teacher for more information.

*you can volunteer your time - If you are a parent of a student in one of our Calvary Chapel Christian Schools, we would love to see you get involved! For more information on volunteer opportunities contact your child's teacher, call us at 731-2100, or come to any one of our school campuses and get informed. Most volunteer opportunities involve helping students in your child's class with reading, grading papers, making copies, help set up classroom projects or experiments, helping drive your child's fellow classmates to field trips, and helping in getting supplies.